Audio Interviews

Maureen ChiquetFormer CEO of CHANEL

Cultivating Leadership

When Maureen Chiquet left her position as global CEO of Chanel, she was stripped of the identity she had known for many years. In order to move forward, she had to trace her past. Here she discusses her memoir, “Beyond The Label”, and her unconventional path to the executive suite. We learn about the challenges and unspoken expectations of women in her position. As a self described introvert, we discover in her a quiet power that speaks volumes.

Maureen Chiquet
Mickey DrexlerHead of Drexler Ventures

The Maverick of Merchandising

Millard (“Mickey”) Drexler, the former CEO of J.Crew Group, Inc., and founder of Madewell, has shaped contemporary American style. He’s legendary for his discerning eye, hands-on leadership, and unwavering commitment to the customer. “I’m curious about everything. Curiosity is finding answers to things,“ sayas Drexler. In this broad-ranging talk, Drexler discusses his remarkable career building brands, merchandising with emotion, and connecting with the consumer.

The Maverick of Merchandising
Tina BrownJournalist and Magazine Editor

The Vanity Fair Diaries

Tina Brown has been writing – and making – headlines throughout her career. The award-winning journalist has led Tatler, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. For the launch of her book, “The Vanity Fair Diaries”, Brown takes us behind the scenes into the corridors of power and celebrity culture. As a working mother, she also shares the difficulties that accompanied her professional success.

Tina Brown and Melissa Ceria
Laura HaimJournalist

Reporting from the Front Lines

Laura Haim’s award-winning reporting has taken her from the wars in Bosnia and Iraq to the White house, where she was the only French journalist to lead three exclusive interviews with President Barack Obama. A self-taught journalist who is known for her fearlessness and commitment to reporting from the front lines, Haim served as Spokesperson for international affairs during President Emmanuel Macron’s campaign in France. She discusses her thrilling career and the challenges involved in covering today’s world.

Laura Haim
Beth ComstockFormer Vice Chair of GE and Author

Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change by Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock is the former Vice Chair and Head of Marketing for GE. For close to 17 years at GE, as well as during her years working for NBC, Comstock championed innovation. In this insightful talk, Constock discusses being an advocate for perpetual learning and discovery. She also shares good advice on being a nimble and forward-thinking leader.

Beth Comstock
Bobbi BrownBeauty Entrepreneur and Author

Building Brands that Empower

Bobbi Brown is best known for the eponymous company she founded in 1991, Bobbi Brown cosmetics, which transformed the face of beauty with simple, wearable make up. The make up artist, entrepreneur and best-selling author left her brand years after it was sold to the Estée Lauder Companies to launch new ventures. Throughout her career, Brown has experienced no shortage of opinions from people weighing in on how she should do things. But, as you will hear, Brown knows how to chart her own course.

Bobbi Brown
Anne PasternakDirector of the Brooklyn Museum

Museums and the Cultural Landscape

Appointed Director of the Brooklyn Museum in 2015, Anne Pasternak cleverly explores culture’s new frontiers by connecting the museum’s historical collections with cutting-edge artistic practices. In this very insightful talk, Pasternak discusses a range of hot topics, including how our institutions reflect “dominant social norms,” and how we should “ask questions of ourselves and create a more inclusive narrative.”

Anne Pasternak