The Welcomers

“Our mission is to Employ, Empower and Encourage”

Elizabeth BeckFounder of Tandem Quilting Co

Elizabeth founded Tandem Quilting in 2017 and works with refugee women who settled in and around her community of Clarkston, Ga. Members of Tandem’s team originate from countries such as Burma, Afghanistan and Syria. Together, they make beautiful custom quilts, baby quilts, woven wall hangings, quilted notecards, and more recently, facemasks.

Tandem offers these women an opportunity to exercise their sewing skills and develop a livelihood in this country. It also invites them to be part of a community. “With sewing, we can do a lot of instruction and communicating with pictures and drawings, so we don’t have to speak the same language,” says Elizabeth. “And when there’s difficulty, we pull out Google Translate.”

I hope you’ll enjoyed this interview with Elizabeth Beck and one of her team members, Fatima Nazneen. You can see more of their work @tandemquiltingco